Trivical Performance Academy creates a positive learning environment

Getting the best from our students

Our classes provide your child with quality, professional & friendly training. 

Classes are affordable and there are no expensive uniforms to buy.

Our classes are run in a fun & friendly atmosphere, whist ensuring that there is a strong focus on technique, discipline and skill building.

The Trivical Performance Group has been lucky enough to be selected to perform across the country at events such as Gold Coast Theme Parks, Moomba, School Fetes and many more.

There have also been some remarkable individual performances from students including engagements with major musicals, Disneyland Japan and various television and film work.

Through different teaching techniques, the teacher & students work together to create a positive learning environment.

Our 3 studios are immaculate. They all have sprung floors, mirrors, heating & cooling and viewing windows.

We also have a waiting area with couches for you to read a book or do some work while you wait for your child to finish their class.

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8521 3877

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29 Park Rd, Cheltenham

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