Working with your students, TRIVICAL will put together some fun & funky routines that are enjoyed by the boys, girls, teachers & parents.

Our qualified staff will ensure that all the movements selected are showing off the students’ abilities and giving everyone a chance to be in the front.

Whether is be a routine for the grade 6 graduation, school concert or just something different for the weekly sports class, our routines inspire movement, fitness, fun, concentration and a sense of achievement for all students.

Our team are very flexible and we are prepared to work with you in whatever way necessary to meet the needs of your school, your curriculum and your students.

Contact us now to discuss how we can get involved with your students.

Answers to your questions

Who chooses the song?
There are two different options-
1)  Trivical choose the song & if time the students can choose a second song
2)  Students pick the song.  In this case we require 3 different song choices, as not all songs are suitable to perform a 3 minute dance routine to.

What about the students who can’t dance?
Trivical prides itself on being able to choreograph routines suitable for all who participate.  Routines are made up of sections for the students who may take dance lessons, sections for those who find dance a little challenging and sections where everyone comes together.

Police Checks/Working with Children?
All our teachers have current first aid certificates and "Working with Children" Police Checks.

Do the boys enjoy it too?
Our routines include basic break-dance & acrobatics moves that the boys love.  We also include some ‘freestyle’ dance sections - where students show their best moves.

Primary School Testimonials

Jane Lowe.  Grade 6 teacher Moorabbin P.S.
" A fantastic experience for the students in performing  a dance routine to an audience and learning moves, rhythmn, discipline and how to co-operate as a team member! Always engaged and motivated with expectations of success! A great team at Trivical!!  Loved by parents, teachers and students."

Sue Crafti, Cheltenham East Primary
" Our grade 6 students have been tutored in Hip Hop skills and routines for 3 years now. Leanne and her assistants have been an invaluable resource to keep our students engaged and motivated during the last few weeks of their Primary School education.

The music resonates with their age group and it is a style of dancing that all of them feel attuned to. They enjoy the 8 week workshop immensely and show progress throughout. Each student takes pride in the final routine which is presented at their Graduation ceremony and repeated at the final school assembly."


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