Rules & Policies

In order to make your child's class safe and enjoyable, we have some rules and policies that we expect everyone to adhere to.

Please ensure you have read this section and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


  • All students are to wear a 'Trivical Top' to class each week.  These are available from the front desk. All students require correct uniform/footwear after their 2nd lesson
  • Failure to wear appropriate clothing/footwear may result in child being unable to participate in class
  • Dresses & School uniforms are not suitable dance attire

Dance Style




Tight clothing & Trivical Top

Black Jazz shoes

Hip Hop

Tracksuit pants & Trivical Top



Tight clothing & Trivical Top



Comfortable clothing, no long pants & Trivical Top

Black Tap shoes


Tight clothing & Trivical Top

Foot thongs


Comfortable clothing- no dresses & Trivical Top

Jazz shoes would be ideal but we understand that at this age kids grow very fast so black sandshoes from Kmart etc will be fine.  If you purchase sandshoes, please keep them just for class time.  This helps the children to get there mind ready for dance as it is the only time they are wearing this special outfit.

  • Hair should be in a ponytail for ALL classes
  • No school uniforms or dresses


  • Full payment of your term fee is required at the end of the previous term to secure your child's place in a class
  • Students with outstanding fees will not be able to participate in concerts
  • Various payment methods available
  • No refunds are available under any circumstances.
  • Payment plans can be arranged.


  • Students arriving 15 minutes late or more to class may not be able to participate
  • Students misbehaving will be asked to leave the room
  • Viewing window will be open for parents to view classes except in Term 3/ Term 4- when concert preparations start or if window is becoming a distraction for students.


  • Trivical has one END OF YEAR concert (date decided/confirmed early Term 1) where all classes perform
  • All concerts/rehearsals are held at either Trivical or at a local theatre.


  • Due to current privacy legislation, no parent is allowed to take photographs inside the studio without permission from Trivical management.
  • Trivical reserves the right to use photographs of children taken at the Trivical Performance Academy or any Trivical activities for advertising/publicity purposes unless parents specifically request in writing that they do not wish their child's photographs to be used.

If you have any questions about any services or classes offered by Trivical Performance Academy please don't hesitate to call us or click on our email details to contact us.

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