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Trivical have a lot of older students (aged 15+) who are available for weekend babysitting.
$15 per hour.

Trivical Selected to participate in Moomba 2018

Trivical Troup at Moomba 2018

In this year's parade Trivical had the role of dancing flowers. Surrounded by Bees and Bugs and dancing down a new route, with 1000's of cheering kids and adults in the crowd, the parade was definitely a highlight of the year.

Holiday Program

Our holiday programs not only offer kids the chance to learn dance, acrobaticand acting skills, but also the chance to make some new friends and have some fun 'down' time.

Holiday Program Uno game

2017 Awards

Congratulations to the award winners of 2017


JUNIOR STUDENT: Ali Le Page (pictured below)

Ali Le Page Junior Student Award 2017


SENIOR AWARD : Emma Chubb (pictured below)

Emma Chubb Senior Award 2017

ENCOURAGEMENT: Jess Male, Paris Rocca, Woni Park & Madi Preston

DEDICATION: Chloe Graham

MOST CONSISTENT: Ash Rundmann (pictured below)

Ash Rundmann Most Consitent Award 2017

Oak Street Performances

Trivical has once again WOWED the audience with a short performance at the Oak St Festival. With performers aged from 9 - 70, the show was enjoyed by everyone. Trivical started off the year with a performance at the Day On Oak St Festival. 
we have done this for many years and the kids had a ball.

Trivical Troup at A Day on Oak Street Fesstival 2018


If you have any questions about any services or classes offered by Trivical Performance Academy please don't hesitate to call us or click on our email details to contact us.

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