Running every school holidays, TRIVICAL offers your child a fun & productive way to spend their holidays.

For dates please contact Trivical.

Our holiday programs not only offer kids the chance to learn dance, acrobatic and acting skills, but also the chance to make some new friends and have some fun 'down' time.

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Holiday Fun with Balloons

Holiday Program - Circus

Holiday Program - Circus

Breakdance Class

End Of Holiday Program Performance

Face Painting

End Of Holiday Program Dance

Final Performance

Activities include:

  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Musical Theatre
  • Acrobatics
  • Drama
  • Singing & Song writing
  • Circus
  • + Many more

The week concludes with a small concert for parents and friends to come and watch and see some of the activities your child has participated in.

For the dates of our upcoming holiday programs, please refer to the timetable

Contact Trivical for information on prices.

Answers to all your questions

How do you decide what activities to include in the Holiday Program?
Timetable & teachers are finalized based on the age & standard of those who have booked into the program. This is why it's important to book by a certain date.

What time of the day is the program run?
Drop off is from 8:30am, with formal activities commencing from 9:00am. Activities conclude at 4:30pm and students can remain under Trivical supervision until 5:15. If your want to coordinate a later pick up time, this may be possible after discussions with Trivical management.

Does my child have to be participating in regular dance classes to attend the program?
Not at all! The classes are designed to suit all standards. Obviously, some things are challenging at first, however it is amazing to see these skills become familiar and perfected throughout the week. All staff are trained in assessing the students in each group and implementing and adapting routines that are suited to all participants.

Do I have to book or can I just turn up?
Bookings & pre-payment are essential for our programs. This is to ensure that we don't have too many students and that all activities scheduled for that day are age appropriate.
Please refer to our timetable for booking dates

What if I need to cancel my booking?
Unfortunately there are no refunds as staff & activities are booked based on the amount of students attending. In certain circumstances a credit may be applied to another holiday program later in the year.

Stories from other kids/Holiday program regulars

Mrs Southgate:
My girls have attended the Trivical Holiday Program a few times now and look forward to it every time.  At the end of each program they always ask immediately when the next holidays are so that we can book in again.  They had not had any dancing or performing experience before and my youngest was so shy prior to attending now they are both so confident and enthusiastic and ready to shine.  They love learning new moves, choreographing their own routines, working in teams to create plays & skits, all of which they get to showcase in a concert at the end of the program.  They have also made some great new friends.  We highly recommend it!

Mrs D'Alquen:
Our three kids have loved the exciting range of activities on offer in the Trivical Holiday Program. We've been going now for years, and keep coming back for more. The kids really enjoy learning and making up new routines, making new friends and the chance to do some acting as well as dance. We love the fact they are so happy there all day and the fantastic hours for working parents.

Mrs Branton:
My daughters have participated in the Trivical Holiday program for over three years. 
The program is interactive and our children have learnt many new skills and dance styles through the program including ballroom dancing, ballet, choreography, song recording, modelling, jazz, Hip Hop and circus skills.
The program is fantastic for working parents as the program starts at 8.30am and finishes at 5.15pm


If you have any questions about any services or classes offered by Trivical Performance Academy please don't hesitate to call us or click on our email details to contact us.

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