TRIVICAL was born from the passion and dance experience of Leanne Le Page and our dance classes remain our core business to this day.

We offer your child professional dance training in a fun & friendly atmosphere, where there is no pressure for them to be anything but their best!

Each child is treated like an individual as they participate in classes tailored to developing;

  • Dance Skills
  • Fitness & Strength
  • Co-Ordination
  • Flexibility
  • Social Skills
  • Confidence

We have classes suitable for all standards so as your child improves there are further opportunities for them to challenge themselves and expand their skills.

All staff monitor students carefully and if they feel that the class is not suitable for your child we will contact you immediately to see if we have another class more suited to your child’s needs.

Weekly group classes have the opportunity to perform on stage in our END OF YEAR CONCERT (held in a professional theatre).

Leanne with student Class

Term Classes

Regular classes in any dance style are the best way to improve as well as develop skills & confidence.

Students come into the studio at least once a week, learn funky dance moves, go home and practise and return the following week to show off what they’ve achieved at home.

Doing this over a term (normally the same dates as your child’s primary/secondary school dates) students feel a real sense of achievement as they build on steps each week and ultimately perform what they have learnt to other groups at a ‘Show & Tell’ session held on the last lesson of most terms.

For full details on our term dates please refer to our timetable

Hip Hop


If you have any questions about any services or classes offered by Trivical Performance Academy please don't hesitate to call us or click on our email details to contact us.

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